Types of Films

Storefront window film will help protect your merchandise from damaging UV rays with Spectrally select window films. Spectrally select window films are designed to allow for high visibility and plenty of sunlight while still protecting your merchandise and cooling your store. The fact is fading can never be completely prevented. However with our high performing window films we can help slow down the fading process. The added benefit is these window films offer high heat rejection as well. See the chart below for the facts about fading and solar heat gain.

Help protect your merchandise with storefront window film from smash and grab burglaries with safety and security window films. Safety and Security window films come in a variety of thicknesses and tints and are designed to make glass shatter-resistant by holding the window glass together when broken. The films have an exceptionally strong, energy-absorbing mounting adhesive, and are composed of polyester film layers that are extremely high in tensile and break strength. Safety & Security Window Films are a low profile, high performance measure of security in the battle against ‘smash and grab’ crime. The tough, shatter-resistant qualities of the film can help hold the window glass together even if a an object penetrates the glass. Thiefs then have to waste more time trying to get in and usually won’t take the risk.


Safety and Security window films also known as glass fragment retention film and anti-shatter film are comprised of optically clear, tinted or refelective layers of polyester film. Safety and Security films are always described in terms of “mils”, which is a measurement of thickness as on-thousandth of an inch. One mil equals 25.4 microns (micrometers). Safety and Security films range in thickness from 4-mil to upwards of 15-mils, and thicker.

Safety and Security window film is retrofitted to existing glass. This installation method covers the visible portion of the interior surface of the glass frame to frame. This method will help hope the glass together upon impact. The glass may fall out of the frame but the safety and security window film will hold the glass together preventing large shards of glass from injuring building occupants. Safety and Security window film installation can be ehanced through installation techniques that attach the film to the framing system. With an attachment system this will help the glass stay in the frame upon impact. Call All American Window Tinting for your safety and security window film consultation and let us help you acheive a sense of security!

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